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GB970 D1 galvanized

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Wire mesh container GB970 D1 galvanized

Kosz siatkowy GB970 D1 ocynk

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GB970 D1 galvanized

External dimensions (length x width x height) 1240x835x970
Internal dimensions (length x width x height) 1200x800x800
Weight 75 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1500
Mesh size (height x width) 50x50
Stacking height 4 items
Opening doors 1
Foldable NO

Container is hot-dip galvanized

Gitterbox GB970 D1 galvanized. Wire mesh container with standard Eurogitterbox dimensions. The container is protected with hot-dip galvanization technology, currently the most durable anti-corrosion protection of steel available on the market. The container is perfect for all applications in highly corrosive conditions, among others for the storage of fertilizers, acid materials, pest control products. Often used in agriculture, where vegetable containers are washed and sterilized. Construction sites constitute corrosive environment as well, and hot-dip galvanization is a very good protective measure there too.

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