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Transport of orders

Thanks to our developed transport fleet and reliable staff, we ensure professional and secure transport of all ordered goods directly to the Client. We have been cooperating with big companies and manufacturers from the entire European Union for years and our activity extends even outside EU borders.

Set A

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Set B

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Our fleet

Our fleet consists of several dozen modern lorries. They are all equipped with a satnav system and GPS monitoring. What is more, our vehicles undergo regular inspections and are replaced after several years of service. We hire experienced drivers for whom fulfilling their responsibilities is more than just a job.

Transported goods

With our modern and specialized lorries we are able to deliver all your orders. We successfully transport goods of both large as well as small dimensions and provide comprehensive services for big and small clients.


Within the framework of our services we deliver our products to local and foreign Clients. Every day, our drivers head for a dozen destinations all over the European Union. We are able to deliver every order to any destination in Europe without any negative effect on its condition or quality.

Customized pricing

The price and delivery time are established individually for every order. In order to discuss transport details and the pricing of a specific order contact us by phone or e-mail.


In order to meet the increasing market requirements and satisfy even the most demanding clients, we regularly develop and modernise our fleet of vehicles as well as extend the territory of our activity. We guarantee on-time delivery, high standard of services, competitive prices, competent staff and efficient solutions.