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GB570 D1

with small door


Wire mesh container GB570 D1 2.0

Kosz siatkowy GB570 D1

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GB570 D1 2.0

External dimensions (length x width x height) 835x1240x570
Internal dimensions (length x width x height) 800x1200x500
Weight 55 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1500
Mesh size (height x width) 50x50
Stacking height 4 items
Opening doors 1
Foldable NO
Floor wooden board

Powder coated in all available colours

Metal container constitutes a tight case for the goods stored inside and facilitates transport. Its structure contributes to a high level of stability – in this metal container, sides are performed from wire mesh and the bottom is covered with wooden board. What is more, the container is equipped with an opening flap on its longer side, which guarantees easier access to goods stored inside. It is a perfect solution for the storage of heavy objects with small dimensions. Available in all RAL colours.

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