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Powder coating

is a very efficient colouring method

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Powder coating

Powder coating is the most efficient method of colouring metals. We guarantee not only durable, but also visibly attractive effect.

What does powder coating consist in?

Powder coating is the application of electrified paint particles on metal surface. Electrostatic spraying technique is applied for this purpose together with heat treatment. First stage involves cleaning, i.e. mechanical and chemical treatment of the surface. The second stage is the application of coating layer – powder paint – with the use of the electrostatic method. Thanks to electrostatic “charging” of particles and the grounding of the treated element, the paint sticks to its surface. The third stage consists in so called polymerization and hardening of the applied paint in a special stove in high temperature (even up to 230 degrees Celsius). Heating time, depending on the type of paint applied and the thickness and type of the element, is usually ca. 20 minutes.

Why powder paint?

Contrary to traditional veneers, powder paints ensure smooth surface (without cracks, bruises, blisters or wrinkles) highly resistant to the influence of mechanical and chemical factors. The surface coated in this way is characterized by higher abrasion resistance, but also higher visual properties compared to solvent-based paints.

An important advantage of powder coating consists in its protective values. The method guarantees the resistance to chemical substances, corrosion, high temperature and mechanical damage. It protects against moisture, sun, salt and extreme temperatures. It is particularly important in those regions where weather conditions change frequently. Another advantage of powder coating are its visual aspects. It ensures perfectly smooth and evenly coated surface. During the coating process, excess powder does not stick to the coated element. It is thus possible to avoid the situation when e.g. too much paint was applied and the process needs to be repeated. It is hard to obtain better quality of coating.

Powder paints are completely safe not only for the environment, but also for their users. They do not contain harmful and carcinogenic solvents applied in traditional paints. They do not contain volatile organic compounds contributing to the formation of photochemical smog either. We also use certified paints approved for contact with food and drinking water. This makes powder coated containers not only more eco-friendly than those painted with the use of the traditional method, but they are also safer for us, their users. It is also worth to emphasize that the powder coating process is characterized by the important reduction of water consumption – it is even commonly called dry painting, which matters in the circumstances of depleting water sources.

What elements can be powder coated?

Powder coating is intended mainly for metal surfaces, but the development of technology also makes it possible to apply this technology for colouring other materials sensitive to heat, such as timber, glass, pottery, MDF boards. Powder coating technique is suitable both for the surfaces applied in industry as well as in households. This method is popular for the colouring of the components of machines, appliances, metal frames and profiles of different types, as well as gates, fences, stairs and sports facilities, both outdoor and indoor (e.g. bicycle frames). It is a perfect solution also for household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners), flowerbeds, curtain rods, metal garden furniture. It is difficult to specify all applications where powder coating is a perfect solution. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Our offer:

We wash all elements intended for powder coating thoroughly and degrease them carefully in acid bath. Then they are dried and finally powder coated and heated at high temperature.

Dimensions of our stove:

  • height 1600mm
  • width 1400mm
  • length 6000mm