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hot-dip galvanized

Wire mesh container GB Agro 2.0

Kosz siatkowy GB Agro

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GB Agro 2.0

External dimensions (length x width x height) 1240x835x970
Internal dimensions (length x width x height) 1200x800x800
Weight 75 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1500
Mesh size (height x width) 25x25
Stacking height 4 items
Opening doors 1
Foldable NO

The container is hot-dip galvanized

Galvanized Gitterbox with small-size mesh. This product is widely applied in agriculture. Gitterbox sides are performed from much smaller mesh with the dimensions of 25x25 mm. In this way, vegetables pressing against its side walls are less deformed thanks to pressure force distribution. The advantage of metal Gitterbox over a standard wooden box-pallet consists in its stability. Galvanized surface enables thorough washing of the container and its sterilization to kill bacteria and mould appearing while storing vegetables under refrigeration. Gitterbox can be equipped according to Client’s requirements with metal floor. Gitterbox is a perfect storage option for such vegetables as carrots, beetroots, onion, cabbage and many others.

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