European manufacturer of containers for logistics

Dajano for the environment

among other things, we planted around 500 trees as part of

our corporate social responsibility

How we care for the environment

Ecology is an important issue at Dajano. We are aware of the importance of actions that affect the protection of our environment. In developing the company, we incorporate technologies that are beneficial to our environment.

Powder coatings

Since 2012, we have been using only powder coatings that are safe for health and the environment. Unlike traditional paints, they do not contain harmful solvents. Accordingly, no volatile compounds that could contaminate the air are released during the application or thermal curing of the coatings. Furthermore, powder coatings are approved for contact with food and drinking water. The powder coating process takes place in closed painting shops - so no waste is generated. Paints not used during the coating process can be recovered and reused.

We are also aware that green solutions often bring savings

Dajano uses vehicles that are at most a few years old. Our drivers are equipped with the most modern and environmentally friendly trucks. We take particular care to ensure that our fleet always meets the highest emission standards and are optimised for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We use the latest technology both for the transportation and production of our containers. We regularly maintain and replace machines with new ones that are increasingly energy-efficient. We also strive to minimise the amount of waste and resources we use. Therefore, we utilise the heat from our production machines to heat our company.

Wood from verified sources

The wood used in our containers originates from suppliers who source their wood from sustainably managed forests.

And that's not all

In 2018, we planted about 500 trees in the green areas created at our facility. In the near future, the company will be upgraded with a photovoltaic farm to generate a significant portion of our electricity from renewable sources.