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Robot welding

repetitive effect for metal joining and welds

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Robot welding

Why welding robots?

Welding constitutes one of the leading processes in our company. In order to improve the quality of services offered by us, we have decided to purchase welding robots. Robotised welding posts ensure high quality of the process and its repetitive effects and thanks to our precise method, the connected elements included in our containers have much more resistant welds, which influences overall durability of the product.

Looks matter

MThanks to our extensive experience in the welding process we know how many factors contribute to obtaining a perfect weld. They include among others welding wire feeding speed, amperage, the supply of welding gas and many others. The automation of this process makes it possible to obtain welds free from spatters and with the same parameters, which also influences visual aspects of the product and its security.


Robot welding makes it possible to considerably reduce welding time, so the orders for our containers are performed without unnecessary delays.