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Container with clevises

special wire mesh container

with clevises for hooks

Container with clevises 2.0

Pojemnik siatkowy GBS 1

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Container with clevises 2.0

External dimensions (length x width x height) 835x1240x970
Weight 68 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1500
Mesh size (height x width) 50x50
Stacking height 4 items
Opening doors 1
Foldable NO
Floor wooden board

Powder coated in full colour pallet or hot-dip galvanized

Gitterbox with transport clevises. Its structure is based on a standard EPAL Gitterbox. Its additional advantage consists in transport clevises which make it possible to transport it not only by vehicle. It is a perfect solution for warehouse halls equipped with gantries. In a manufacturing hall it very frequently occurs that the access to the container is impossible or blocked by other pallets so that a forklift cannot reach it. While using a gantry, the container can be transported above other goods without the necessity to relocate many pallets.

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