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NP320 D0

a practical option for smaller deliveries

mesh 50x50

Pallet collar NP320 D0 50x50

Pallet collar NP320 D0 50x50

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NP320 D0 50x50

External dimensions (length x width x height) 800x1200x320
Dynamic load capacity 1000
Mesh size (height x width) 50x50
Stacking height 4 items
Opening doors 0
Foldable YES

Powder coated in full colour pallet or hot-dip galvanized

Pallet collar with these dimensions was developed for those clients who often deal with smaller quantities of goods which, however, require appropriate packaging. One of our clients uses a pallet collar for delivering goods to his clients in smaller, but regular batches. In this way, with the use of such low packaging as a pallet collar, he saves the space that a bigger container filled only in half would take up.

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